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Ceramic White Playstation 2

Condition: New
The first color variant for the slim PS2 console is white - not a flat white but more of a ceramic white with a little bit of shine and a lacquered look in the paint.
Sony downsizes the PS2 console from big bulky rectangular shape to sleek, slim-line silhouette. The measurements of the new PS2 console are 230W28W152mm (9x1x6") and the unit weighs in at 900g or a mere 2 lbs. The PS2 network adapter is built-in but the internal drive bay is gone which makes hard drive installation unavailable unless Sony starts producing external hard drives once again.

Please note that the Japanese PS2 is only capable of playing Japanese, Asian, and Korean territory PS2 software. The Japanese PS2 will also only play Japanese region-2 DVDs.

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