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Ceramic bead is produced by electric and thermal fusion of oxides, the internal structure is made up of a crystalline ceramic phase, bonded by an amorphous silica phase, resulting in high impact properties coupled with good hardness.
They are widely utilized in surface treatment of components including: castings, surface cleaning of rubber and plastic molds, boiler and heat exchanger parts, etc.

Also used for blasting particularly in the aerospace industry. Ceramic bead offers several advantages over traditional media like steel shot and glass beads. It can achieve blasting intensities similar to those obtainable with steel shot, but with a resulting lower surface roughness. Ceramic bead is also applied in wherever steel shot cannot achieve due to potential ferrous contamination from the steel media.

Its high density enables blasting intensities equivalent to those obtainable with glass beads, to be obtained at a greatly reduced abrasive velocity. This feature results in cleaner working environment and better operator visibility. Its narrow particle size distribution coupled with low breakdown rates, enables repeatable, consistent result to be achieved. Thus ceramic bead is an ideal choice when selecting a media for blasting applications.
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