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We can produce and export different kinds of ceramic fiber products, including ceramic fiber blanket, ceramic fiber paper, ceramic fiber board, ceramic fiber rope, ceramic fiber tape, ceramic fiber modules ect. . . It has excellent performance as insulation material and heat preservation material. It is widely used for many industrial fields.

Each type of ceramic fibre blanket is made up of the corresponding ceramic fibre (such as COM, STD, HA, HP, AND HZ fibre) which is produced by blowing technology, consists of such production courses as needling, heat-shaped, cutting into proper length and width, bundling up, etc.

Each type of blanket has fine tensile strength except for the fine properties of the corresponding fibre, at the same time, it has a well distributed, composition and construction, and a flat face.

Blankets of different bulk weight and thickness provide a wide range for our customers's choices, so they can design the best insulation construction and can get fine benefits.
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