Sell Ceylon 100 % Natural Soaps

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Ceylon Nature SOAP is made to use only pure natural materials of top quality and so, different from the mass-produced commercial soaps.

We make this soap by putting the materials into moulds together with the natural glycerin being created during the manufacturing process, quality vegetable oil, various herbs, essence oil, etc

Even if we do not add any chemicals, our natural soap is so moist and soft. The reason is because of the glycerin being created during the process. This natural glycerin gives more moisture, makes it softer and so, and protects our skin better.

Ceylon natural soap does not pollute our environment at all, because it is resolved into water and carbon dioxide, when melting in the water.
It never pollutes.
Never spoils our skin!
Brand Name
Ceylon natural soaps
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Delivery&3A Within 45
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Minimum Order Quantity
1000 US$
Terms of Payment
&3A By Irrevocable at sight L/C in our favor or T
55g - 95g