Ceylon Minerals

We are a Sri Lankan company that is engaged in mining and exporting quartz and Mica. We own fields with high quality quartz and mica deposits. We are in a position to supply them at very competitive prices. We have 'phlogophyte' Mica that can withstand temperatures up to 900C. Our quartz are of milky white and glossy varieties.

Moreover, we are a reliable supplier of Granite in many colors and forms. We have our quarries in India and Sri Lanka. We are in a position to supply Granite of different colors in rough blocks and in fabricated forms such as tombstones, monuments, counter tops etc. We have more than thirty colors.

In addition, we are looking for a strategic investor to invest in manufacturing "quartz" based products in Sri Lanka. We have large tracts of high quality quartz deposits and we are keen to tie up with manufactures or individuals who are interested in investing in manufacturing quartz based products such as semi conductors, electrical/electronic components etc. in Sri Lanka.
Ramanah Velupillai
[94] 11 4954455
24, Anula Road,
Colombo 6, WP, 000006, Sri Lanka
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