Sell Chamomile Essential Oil

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Suitable for all skin types, especially oily allergic skin.
1, Psychology: Efficiency in appeasing nerve and childrens sleepping problem.
2, Physical: Alleviate various muscles to ache and enlargement of the joint, improve digestive system and liver function, smoothe toothache. , regalte digesting.
3, Skin:Efficiency for eczema, pustules, acne, dermatomyositis, regulate sunburn, scald; soothe sensitive skin and make weak skin healthy and glossy.

1, Skin: Apply a droplet in water and apply1-2 droplets on face.
2, Smoothing toothache:Apply a droplet into an ice covering in the cloth.
3, Home-use:Apply 2 droplets on pillow for better sleep. Efficiency in menstrual cycles.