Sell Charcoal carbonization stove(gas flow)

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Carbonization stove (gas flow type) is our newest developed products with 3 patents (200610017704.5, 200630100340.8, 200620031713.5) , and adopt advanced hot air carbonizing processing technology, which greatly increased carbonizing ratio (increased from about 88% to 99%) and shortened the carbonizing time (from 24 hours to 6 hours) , and show the features of easy operation, higher safety, high efficiency, energy saving and environment protection.
The hoist loading type of gas flow carbonization stove
The hoist loading carbonization stove is increasing the carbonization productivity by hoisting out the container for cooling and load another container for carbonization. The charcoal can be hoisted outside, in this way the cooling time can be reduced much, thus, the productive efficiency increases a lot. It is the ideal choice for mass production of charcoal.
This type of stove adopts the structure of unique air storage chamber, to fully reuse the smoke produced during the process of carbonization. And 60% of the redundant smoke can be used in drying and carbonizing, saving much fuel during the whole process, and increasing the enterprise revenue.