Sell Charge Elastic Massager

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Principle of therapy: This charge elastic massager can make the blood vessel under the muscle expand, promote blood circle, boost up the lymph function on the exterior body, slow the tighten of muscle, make someone feel easy, eliminate strut, lighten ache, eliminate tire and eliminate the sundries in the body, all above make relaxation.

Important: Before using your massage for the first time, it must be charged for at least 15 hours. This is the minimum amount of time required to fully charge the batteries; subsequent charging time will be shorter, depending on how long the massager was used. On a full charge, the massage will operate up to 40 minutes(lessif operated on hi power only. )

Before charging, turn power switch to the "off" position. Plug adapter unit into an 120v a/c outlet and connnect adapter jack into the bottom of the massage's handle. See illustration on page 7. Plug the charger into a main electrical outlet. Use only the homedics charger included. Do not use other chargers as this may damage your massage.

If this massager has been correctly placed under charge, the indicator light will come on. Once the charging time is over, always disconnect the unit from the main outlet.

To turn unit on, simply slide the switch, located along the top of the unit's handle, to the desired setting;
Lo=low intentsity massage setting
Hi=high intensity massage setting
To turn off, slide selector switch to the "off" position.
Apply massager head lightly to the area you wish to treat. Always massage towards the head, regardless of which part of the body is being treated. Always begin at a spot that is most distant from the head. End the massage so that the final massage stroke is directed towards the heart.
Move the unit slowly, either in a circular or back and forth motion. Treat the area for a short period of time and move to another area. Never treat the same spot longer than 3 minutes. Caution-as stated in the "important safety instructions" section of this manual, never use this appliance on or near eyes or other highly sensitive areas.

Operation of longer than 15 minutes is not recommended and may cause overheating. Do not grip or excessively bend massage head while unit is in operation. When treatment is completed, turn unit off, and push the extendible handle to the original position.

After each recharging, the adapter plug should be carefully disconnected and safely stored. Recharge after approximately 15 minutes of use.