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costume wigs/Halloween Wigs
Color:any mixed color
Material :korean synthetic or Japan synthetic
Packaging Details:standard package
Minimum Order Quantity:50piece/pieces
Delivery Time:around one month after conofirming an order

There are many benefits a good Halloween wig can give you. It can make you look sexy, scary, wild or glamorous depending on what kind of wig you are wearing. It can also ruin your Halloween costume, so be careful in choosing one. To make sure you dont end up looking miserable during the Halloween party, make sure you get an appropriate wig, meaning, base it on your costume.

In choosing a Halloween wig, you must first think if you want to impress people or express yourself. These two things are different. In using a Halloween wig as an expression of who you are, you can opt for the closest wig design that shows who you are. So if you are dreaming to be like Lady Gaga for the Halloween costume party, look for a wig that's similar to Lady Gaga's hairstyle. For those who want to impress people during the Halloween costume party, choose the wildest Halloween wig you can find. Also, a good quality wig will impress people. Rest assured you'll have people walk by and ask where you got your cool wig.