Sell Cheap and Best cyber cafe software

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I am offering you for a more efficient and complete software for cyber cafe which is named as 'Net Pulse'. Although an another similar software is already availabe but that does not meet some important requirments that is essential for cyber cafe. 'Net Pulse' is efficient in all requirments from the point of view of cyber cafe. Important feature of 'Net Pulse' is. . . .

(1) Affordable low cost with free demo version for 7 days.
(2) Friendly Userinterface of server and client side.
(3) It can succesfully run on every microsoft window's version.
(4) Easy installation

Server side features:

(a) It provide seperate user name and password to the customers. So that user are able to login from client computer. 'Net Pulse' will automatically update all the records of customer and provide printout.

(b) It's live activity provides user login name, login time, logout time, hour consumed, charges, time bound, message to customer facility, Token enter boundation and a lot more.

(c) It maintains all accounting records.

(d) You can take back up of all customer's and accounting records from 'Net Pulse'and restore again into 'Net Pulse'.

(e) It maintain records for day to day even second to second working.

Client side feature:

(a) Client side interface provides login name , password, change password facility for customers. And same facility for Asministrator to skip login screen.

(b) User can not skip login screen without their seperate login.

(c) After login on client computer it provides a useful interface to customer. By using this interface user can store unlimited website address in there seperate login and by clicking just a single button all the website will automatically open. Beside this users are not required to open internet explorer because client side interface provide a text box in which user has to write web site name and by just pressing 'Enter' key web site will open itself with explorer. This feature makes instant access to internet.