Sell Chelerythrine Chloride

Chelerythrine Chloride
Commodity:Chelerythrine Chloride (biomedical prodcuts)

Molecularnbsp; Formula:C21H18ClNO4
Molecularnbsp; Weight:383.8
Purity (HPLC) :
95%-98% 98%-99% 99%
Net Weight:25mg;100mg;250mg;500mg;1000mg
Keep:It should be kept airproof, free from sunlight, and below -200
Poisonous and stimulating.
It should be prevented from inhaling, swallowing, contacting skin, andentering eyes.

For the biochemical products, Chelerythrine Chloride with purity over 99%; and Sanguinarine Chloride, Chelidonine with purity over 98%. With the help of high end technology research machine and experts