Sell Chemical Additives

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We are a major key players, manufacturers and suppliers in the following oifield drilling chemicals:

Barite (API 13A)
Bentonite (API 13A Section 4)
Bentonite (API 13A Section 6)
Bentonite (OCMA / EEMUA)
Gilsonite (Processed natural bitumen)
Hematite (API 13A)
Hydrated Lime
Wyoming Bentonite (API 13A Section 5)
Walnut Shells (Fine, Medium, Coarse)
Mica Flakes (Fine, Medium, Coarse)
LCM XF-for seepage control
LCM Blend-for loss control
Marble Chips
Calcium Carbonate (XF, F, M, C, XC)
Salt (Sodium Chloride)
Silica Flour

We manufacture and supply the following drilling fluids products:

Weighting Agents
Loss Circulation Material
Fluid Loss Control Additives
Oil Based Mud Additives
Gas Scavengers
Shale Stabilizers
Foam & Defoam Additives
Well Protection
Lubricant & Specialty Additives
Dispersants & Deflocculants
Commercial Chemicals

I trust you will find the market potential and our resources sufficiently attractive.