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Description: fully automatic-random access, continuous loading, benchtop analyzer for Clinical Chemistry and Immunoturbidimetric assays.
Assay type: End Point, Kinetic, Differential, Bichromatic and Immunoturbidimetric,1-3 reagent assays and all user programmable.
Test entry mode: selective - profiles - batch - stat
On line reagents: 1 cooled trays, 30 reagent positions and 60 samples positions including standard, control and stat.
Primary tubes size:16x100mm
Stat samples processing: allowed at any time
Throughput: 280 test/hr without ISE
Reading system: direct photometry
Minimum reaction volume: 180 ul
Optics system
Photometer: multi-wavelength optics
Wavelength: 8 narrow band interferential filters
Light source: halogen lamp 12V/50W

Optical path: 8 mm.
Linear range: 0.001 - 2.500 Abs
Resolution: 0,001 Abs
Dispensingarm: one sample/two reagent arms with:
- capacitive liquid level sensing
- reagent pre-warming at 37C
- automatic probe washing
Diluter: dilutions are made without using traditional syringes with the following specifications:
- sample volume: 1.0 - 100ul (1ul incr. )
- reagent volume: 1.0 -600ul (1ul incr. )
- high value sample may be diluted automatically or on request
- 90 high quality cuvettes
- automatic cuvette washing
- cuvettes Q. C. continuously computer controlled
- ISE model - Benchtop model
- Positive barcode reader -Special language software
- Barcode system

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