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This machine can cut 2-3 strands of wool, cotton yarn, polyacrylonitrile
yarn, T/C and T/C into pushed wool by turret head.
The resulting pushed wool will be transformed into 2-strand core yarn
and turned into chenille yarns after being twisted on spindles.

1) Spindle gauge: 200mm
2) Rings inner diameter: 112mm
3) Lifting stroke: 260mm (adjustable)
4) Roller diameter: 29.5mm
5) Spindle speed: 3780-6500r/min
6) Turret head rotation speed: 5300-2000r/min
7) Production speed: 4.7m/min-12m/min
8) Twisting direction: s or z
9) Total power: 4.1kW (20 spindle)
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