Sell Cherng Ji – Adjustable Purlin Roll Forming Machine

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Multiple dimensions in one machine without changing any rollers.
This roll forming machine can rollform different sizes of C or Z purlin without changing any rollers. The thickness, width and height are adjustable and fully controlled by the computer automatically. All you need is just key in sizes and press the control button and then machine will automatically adjust the rollers according to your requirement. The time during adjusting rollers is around 2 ~ 3 minutes without changing rollers. After roll formed by this roll forming machine, the surface will be very smooth and beautiful without any scratch on surface.
Rollforming process: uncoiler, rollforming, cut to length. (punching also can be added if needed. )
Fully Automatic Control System with PLC.
Easy operation: Key in the length and quantity on the control panel.
One year warranty
Double head uncoiler
Roll forming main machine
Automatic Cut-To-Length hydraulic cutting system
Automatic hydraulic punching system
Control panel with fully automatic control system with PLC