Buy Chicken Feet

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Chinese Company YaGe-IT, in the order to establish mutually beneficial cooperation, is interested in purchasing chicken feet on a regular basis.

Shipments can be 1000 tons per month. The first shipment must be 110 tons.

Quality requirements of the goods:
1. weight of each foot can vary within 30-45 gr. / pcs. ;
2. feet must be free of blisters;
3. completely cleared of feathers;
4. no more than 5% of the feet with broken fingers;
5. percentage of water (in the form of ice) should not exceed 3% by weight of legs;
6. number of legs with black blisters on the bottom should not exceed 3%;
7. goods should be fresh (normal natural color) , without unnatural smell (the smell of spoiled meat, chicken litter)

Goods should be packed in 10 or 20 kg in the package. The package shall consist of the plastic film and cardboard boxes. Admission by weight of each box should not exceed 0.5%.

Delivery Terms: FOB, by sea

If you are interested in our offer, we are ready to discuss the details of the delivery and contract.