Sell Chicken bouillon cubes

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1. Chicken, beef, shrimp, onion+tomato+pepper and other flavors
2. Taking the home-raised hens that have laid eggs for more than two years as raw material
3. Compressed and epurated through the unique scientific recipe and advanced technique. It is a kind of superior compound seasoning taking the advantage of nutrition and seasoning as a whole without any pigment. It is the ideal choice for the seasoning product used at home or in some hotels as it has the primary taste , natural , nutritious and health. Our scalper meat powder also takes the high grade scalper meat as the raw material and possesses the feature of high nutrition, freshness, fine meat , fragrance , and purity as a whole.
Usagae scopes: Add in any kinds of dishes , snacks as to your own need and flavor till they become fresh and delicious. The usual dosage in soup is :1% (we can get delicious soup also by putting 10g chicken essence in 1kg or 1L water ) .
Packing: 10g/cube, 60cubes/box, 24 small boxes/carton. We can also pack as to clients request.
Origin: China