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Child Like Faith
Original photography and poetry, professionally matted (8x10) with the choice of an 8x10 wood frame ($19.00) , or without the frame ($15.00) .

Text to this poem:
I watch you toddle from room to room
and explore everything as you go.
You see the world through such innocense,
and youre learning so much as you grow.
But what you dont see are the dangers around
that threaten to do you a great deal of harm,
and when I step in to protect you from it,
you cant understand my cause for alarm.
But, even though you dont understand it,
you retreat from the danger ahead,
accepting my love and protection
and trusting my judgement instead.
When you are unsure of your surroundings,
it is enough for you to know
that Im standing right beside you
and Ive promised I wont go.
When you are awakened in the night
and overwhelmed by all your fears,
you trust that when you cry out for me,
Ill be right there to dry your tears.
If I tell you to jump, youll trust me.
When I speak, you know that its true.
And when I embrace you in my arms
you never doubt my love for you.
Lord, instill in me a child like faith
and help me to fully understand,
that success only comes when we humble ourselves
and reach up to take Your hand.
Supply Capacity
5,000 per month w/o frame
Condition of Goods
8x10 inches
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
1 unit