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'Classics One' is an audio book based around the three Hans Christian Andersen's fairytales, 'The Tinderbox', 'The Swineherd' and 'Jack the Dullard'.
The book is a high quality hardback, fully illustrated with the most colourful, bold and child-friendly images imaginable - kids love them!

The audio CD which is part of the book is produced by using a cast of actors and actresses who perform the stories to a rich backdrop of sound effects. It is the many voices and sound effects on the CD that make the stories fun and lively for children to listen to.

This audio book is a fantastic birthday or Christmas present, although it is also great for keeping children occupied whilst travelling.
And if a child likes acting they can use the book and CD interactively by putting on their own performance of their favourite fairytale from the book as the scripts follow the stories on the CD exactly.

Book Size: H;23.5cm, W;18.5cm.
88 pages
38 colour illustrations
1 audio CD lasting approx. 50 minutes.