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Chilli red pigment, a kind of red dark liquid for oil soluble, is extracted from the dried capsicum fruits. The main ingredients are Chilli red pigment, vitamin C, protein and trace elments and so on.
Chilli red pigment has high safety, heat-resistance, light-resistance, and resistance of the environment Ph Value and metallic iron. Therefore, the product is widely used as the coloring agent in aquatic products, meat, cakes, salads, canned food, drinks, cosmetics, medecines and so on.
Chilli red pigment has no side effects for people.
Color Value 460nm =150
Capsaicin <=1.0% (oil solvent)
As <=2ppm
Pb <=2ppm
Residual Solvent <=5ppm(water solvent)
Sudan I- IV 0
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