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We are a garlic producer. Very happy to meet you there this way. How do you do?

China is the world's top producer at 66% of world production of garlic. It is an annual crop that is planted in the fall and is harvested next May/June.

Chinese garlic has a shelf life up to nine months, hot taste and good price. Just about facts, garlic is a living organism, it cannot easily be shipped around the world; humidity, temperatures and airflow affects its storage life. Maintaining good postharvest quality requires all due care and attention, especially, before the end of dormancy it needs a cold storage in August/September results in high production costs. Certainly, supply and demand also makes price fluctuates always.

We are one of the domestic leading garlic producers. We have years' field experience and professional facility. We use up-to-date methods to manage the logistics of; planting, harvesting, collecting, curing, processing, packing, loading/unloading, storing, shipping. Providing a even more cost-effective and efficient through train way of handling system to ensure each stage ends well.
we supply both THERMOSTAT and COLD STORAGE quality

Compared with some of the state-owned enterprises, as always, our boss will pay even more attention to you and take care of you with plain dealing. We understand people have to buy us before they buy our product; do business honestly and ethically, we won't offer you an exciting price follows by no delivery or poor (same size but not full texture) quality. As you know, the grading is not so much towards size but more towards appearance texture. Seeing there is no grading system set up by any government body or inspection agency. Seeing is believing or deceiving? Best price? Worth? Our idea your choice, we will be seeing things from your point of view and treating you like a partner. It is a long-term plan business; most certainly garlic business simply needs a loyal supplier with great potential.

People are always looking for ways to bring cheaper and many times they get big trouble for this. If you want cheapest, we are not the one but if you want reliable and long term business with reasonable price, we are the correct one. Should you buy Chinese garlic of real quality, we really do hope you will put us on your hotlist.

We look forward to cooperating with you some day.

Rgds/K. K.