Sell China Business Services

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Mainland China is continuing its strong economic growth. However, there remains many potential pitfalls for businesses operating in China and success depends on diligent planning, a careful choice of partners and vigorous operating controls.

If you are looking at doing business in China, we can help you on the followings:

- Advising on the business environment and responding to general questions which you may have so that you are fully prepared to meet with Chinese businessmen

- Carrying out market surveys and researching all aspects of China's economic and foreign trade policies, commercial development and market conditions to assist you to make informed business decisions

- Preparing feasibility studies for proposed projects

- Identifying and establishing contacts with potential business partners in China

- Acting as interpreters/liaison between you and your proposed Chinese partners

- Translation of Chinese documents into English and vice versa

- Advising and assisting on contract negotiation

- Advising and assisting on the establishment of your China entity

- Assisting with the recruitment of expatriates and Chinese personnel, and devising appropriate compensation packages

- Assisting with the registration of patents, trademarks and trade names with the relevant Chinese authorities

- Assisting with the maintenance of accounting books and records locally in compliance with relevant Chinese laws and regulations

- Assisting with foreign GAAP reporting (including Sarbanes-Oxley compliance review)

- Advising and assisting with business restructuring, financial process improvements, internal control reviews, etc.