Sell China FIBC

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FIBC, i. e. flexible intermediate bulk container, is also known of big bag, bulk bag and jumbo bag. The first FIBC was manufactured in the United States and Europe. We are professional China FIBC manufacturer, we have 26 years of experience as an FIBC manufacturer, we supply high quality high-tech FIBC. More types of FIBC wanted, please contact us right now!

Step #1: pp resin are extruded into PP fibers.

it is the first step to control the tensile strength of the fiber.

(Extruding Machine)

Step #2: Extruded PP fibers are woven into the body fabric by flat or circular looms .

(Sulzer Loom) (Circular Loom)

Step #3: Heavier PP fibers are woven into the belt with the different width as per the customer's request.

(Webbing machine)

Step #4: in the view of the protection from moisture and sifting, the maximum width 200cm, 2sides.

Coating thickness: outside coating:35 micron; inside coating:30micron


Step #5: Fabric panels are cut to the length to become the bag body and any customer required size.


Step #6: any customer specified printing is available, currently we can meet 4sides,3 colors.

Step #7: All components are assembled by professional skilled operators



Step #8: Bags are bound into bundles or pallets