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China Medbook is the worlds first English language directory on Chinas massive medical device industry. China Medbook contains accurate and detailed information on all medical manufacturers in Mainland China (8,000) , Taiwan & Hong Kong (1,000) . Information provided includes phone, fax, e-mail and postal addresses. Also included are key personnel, number of employees and registered capital. The directory has 3 sections: the 1st section sorts manufacturers by over 200 different categories allowing users to find companies by product. The 2nd sorts companies geographically and the 3rd is organized by company profile.

A detailed verification process undertaken by LSP professional bilingual staff of software engineers, information specialists, and data entry specialists ensures that the data found in China Medbook is accurate. A team of Medical Doctors reviewed each manufacturers products to ensure accuracy in the placement of products into categories.

Included in China Medbook is a market research report with pertinent industry and marketing data. Tradeshows across China are included along with a list of all relevant organizations and agencies involved in the development of medical standards. Current import and export data are in separate tables. A list of all trade publications and journals is included along with contact details.

Purchasers of China Medbook who cannot locate a particular product or company in our directory can obtain FREE assistance from LSP staff for 1 year after date of purchase.

China Medbook will save users hundreds of hours in sourcing made in China medical devices, equipment, dental supplies, laboratory products and diagnostic products.