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It is pretty difficult to fire the Chinese red, the craft is complex, normally it should be sent into the furnace four times, first time: bisque firing, second time: glaze firing , third time: braise firing , last time: gold firing, there was talk of nine kilns will be failed to fire successful products among ten kilns. Secondly, the red porcelain is difficult to form. The copper red will be decomposed under 800 degrees, Chinese red will be formed as a porcelain under 1150 degrees, it is the most difficult. Thirdly, expensive: the material is expensive, now the red glaze is fired by the rare materials, tantalum, the tantalum is kind of rare materials that is more valuable than the gold, it can be said that the Chinese red porcelain is fired by using the gold. Fourthly, good, good porcelain, the quality of the porcelain is classified by the temperature when it is fired: the porcelain from the low temperature is heavy, from the high temperature is light, white and jade-liked, the Chinese red is formed under a high temperature as 1450 degrees, it is just like greased-like jade, fully shows its preciousness.
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