Sell China Sourcing Office Registration

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If you are interested in setting up a buying office in China, applying a representative office is considered as one of the most popular and low-cost solutions since it allows foreign investors to conduct a limited scope of activities but at the lowest captial requirement.

A representative office can carry out certain "in-direct operation" activities and their scopes will be limited to:

a) Market research;
b) Quality checking on purchasing;
c) Administration on sales between China and parent company;

Notwithstanding the scopes of business are limited but the set up of office allow the foreign investor to appoint their local presence to manage the core sourcing function which can greatly facilitate the communication between suppliers and the company and also provide a better mean to understand the business operation environment in China.

Most of the foreign investor will also treat it as a trading company but request the settle the payment to supplier to their overseas bank accounts only. As a result, if you are doing an sourcing function but would like to have an legal office in China, a representative office will be the best solution.

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