Sell China free trade zone warehouse

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Futian Free Trade Zone is located in the south of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. FFTZ starts from the largest landway port - Huanggang Port in the east, neighbors Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway in the north, is adjacent to Huanggang Subway Terminal (under construction) , which is to connect with Hongkong Northwest Railway.
The bonded cargoes in the zone can be simply processed, such as packing, labeling, maintenance, etc. , while it doesnt effect on the original country
Cargoes can be delivered freely between Hongkang and the Zone without tariff, AVT and license.
Cargoes imported in or exported out from FFTZ is free of AVT.
Its regarded as exported for the cargoes delivered from inland into the Zone, and shipper can do exemption and drawback
The customs wont charge for the bonded goods in the Zone.