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Yam 007 series precious products are the first dominant products of Company. The products use freeze-dried fresh yam powder as carrier and are scientifically compounded with the 7th nutrition element of food fiber, SOD, whey protein, xylitol and so on. The products are refined in the purified workshop of 100,000 grades. So the series products retain all the medical composition and nutrition composition of the yam. Yam 007 series products satisfy the mentality of modern people who would like to pursue the rapid rhythm, high nutrition, low fat and comprehensive function, standing for one kind of brand-new consumption concept. So, the products contain the obvious function such as unblock intestine & stomach, tiredness-resistant.
The second major product of Company is the vegetable soup (vegetarian diet) with all merits contained. According to the demands of market, upon the basis of the flavor and nutrition of the similar products from the developed countries and regions such as Japan, Korea and Taiwan, we authorize Beijing Institute of Food Research and the other famous institute research the instant vegetable soup with great concentration. The product make use of jam with two advantages of medicine & food as main material, compounded with grape sugar, FD vegetable, vegetable powder , salt and so on. With mild taste, unique flavor, convenient eating, the product is suitable for the popular people. The vegetable soup is the best substitute for the people having no conditions to eat the fresh vegetables. Moreover, the product can be the breakfast food for the group living in the rapid rhythm, the young and the old.

Vegetable Soup With All Merits Contained With Ten Vegetables Inside
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