Our company is engaged in delivering medical dressing making and packing machines to worldwide with good quality, these machines have been delivered to worldwide and won very good reputation.
We always provide the best solution for our clients.

Mainly including:
1. Gauze slitting and rewinding machine
2. Gauze folding and rolling machine
3. 4-ply gauze roll making machine
4. Gauze swab/gauze sponge/gauze compress folding machine
5. Gauze pre-folding machine
6. Gauze swab pneumatic packer
7. Multi-functional gauze folding and perm X-ray machine / ribbon gauze folding machine

1. Automatic coreless bandage winding machine
2. Crinkle/crepe bandage machine
3. Cohesive/adhesive bandage machine
4. Cuting edge/gauze bandage machine
5. PBT elastic bandage machine
6. Plaster of Paris bandage(pop bandage) slitting and rolling machine
7. Gauze bandage weaving machine

1. Surgical letax glove outer packaging machine
2. Surgical latex glove inner wallet packaging machine
3. Thermo formers blister packagng machine
4. Gauzw swab 4-side seal packaging machine
5. 3-side seal packaging machine (bandage packaging machine)
6. Paraffin gauze dressing making and packaging machine

1. Non-woven slitting and rolling machine
2. Non-woven sponge folding machine
3. Non-woven stiletto / perforating machine
4. Non-wven face mask machine
5. Automatic ear loop machine

1. Cotton ball machine
2. Cosmetic cotton pad machine
3. Zig zag cotton pad machine
4. Cotton dental roll production line
5. Cotton filling and spreading machine
6. Cotton carding machine

1. Lap sponge folding machine/abdominal sponge machine
2. Surgical drain sponge machine
3. Island adhesive dressing machine
4. Alcohol dressing making and packaging machine (alcohol swab machine, alcohol pad machine)
5. Online printing machine (flexiable plate printer)
7. Combined dressing machine (abd pad making machine)
8. ethylene oxide sterilizer (EO sterilization machine)

Your special requests on machinery is available.
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