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Name: Drum Rack with Tiger & Phoenix
Description: It was an important musical instrument during the Warring States Period (475 - 221B. C. ) . Two back- to- back lying tigers are used as the stand, heads held up and tails curled up. On each tiger stands a long-legged singing phoenix. In the middle a drum is suspended with two red ribbons around the phoenixes' crests. Background is black and red, gold, yellow and blue pigments are used to paint the tiger's speckles and the phoenix feather with lifelike modeling and colorful painting, it is both a musical instrument and a work of art. It deserves to point out that phoenix is lofty but tiger tiny and stepped on the ground. This reflects phoenix-worshipping of Chu people and the spirit of longing for peace and conquering fierce devil.

Size (1) : L33 x H30cm

Size (2) : L23 x H20.2 x W3.5cm
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