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Now let us introduce you the effects of the Chinese Caterpillar funguses.

Chinse caterpillar fungus is typical of Chinese precious crude drugs with high medical- and health caring and ecomomic values. Modern medical science and research has proved that caterpillar fungus is effective in antifatigue, antiaging, antitumor and oxygen-deficiency-resistance so as to increase humans immune faction. It has been tested that caterpillar fungus contains varieties of nutrition and active materials of anti-cancer and aging such as caterpillar fungus acid and element, various amino acids, beneficial trace elements, ribose, etc. the unique caterpillar fungus element, which is antibiotic and restrictive of cancer cell division, can restrain cancer cell multiplication. Apparently, its dramatically significant for mankinds health to research and develop the technology of Chinese caterpillar fungus.

The using method :
The use of the caterpillar fungus is believed to have started a thousand years ago, it was either ground into a powder, or mixed with other tonics.

The use of the caterpillar fungus is believed to have started a thousand years ago. It was either ground into a powder, or mixed with other tonics.

It s property is mild, and appropriate for all the old , young, sick and weak

The effective traditional using method of the caterpillar funguses as follows:

Duck with Chinese Caterpillar Fungus

15g Chinese caterpillar fungus (cordyceps)
1 duck (1000g)
1000g soup stock

Boil the cleaned duck till almost done, with a bamboo skewer make several small holes in the breast of the duck.
Soak Chinese caterpillar fungus in tepid water till soft, then put inside the duck.
Put the duck into a pot, add salt, scallion, ginger, cooking wine and duck soup, tightly seal the pot and steam for 3 hours, pick out the scallion and ginger, add MSG and pepper

Stewed Pigeon with Ginseng and Cordyceps

one young pigeon
5g American ginseng slices
2g cordyceps (Chinese caterpillar fungus)
3g fruit of the Chinese wolfberry
1000g soup stock

Cut the pigeon in half, clean and scald, transfer to a bowl.
Put soup stock, salt, MSG, cordyceps, ginseng slices, wolfberry fruit and minced ginger in a pan and season, pour into the bowl and steam for two hours.

Turtle Soup

1 live turtle
10g Chinese caterpillar fungus (cordyceps)
turtle eggs
5 sections of scallion
3 pieces of ginger
50g chicken soup

Wash the live turtle, remove its head and claws, and cut into slices.
Wash the caterpillar fungus in tepid water.
Season oil in a wok with scallion knots and ginger slices, drop in the turtle slices, turtle gizzard, liver slices and salt, saute for 5 minutes, transfer to a casserole.
Add caterpillar fungus and clear chicken soup, stew over a high heat for 2 hours till the soup is concentrated, transfer to a Chinese steamer and steam for half an hour.