Sell Chinese Cobra Venom Factor

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1. Source: from Chinese Cobra Venom
2. Usage fields:
(1) By way of treatment purpose: This product is wildly used to cure urgent exclude reaction of heterotransplantation, delay reaction and breath embarrassment syndrome.
(2) By way of reagent purpose: For the reason that the product has much better stabilization, high effect rate and strong single mature of anti-complement, it is an ideal tool in the research and application of molecular immunology and clinic immunology.
3. Mol wt: composed of 3 different substructures with different mol wt; its relative mol wt is about 145800.
4. Physical status: white lyophilized powder.
5. Identification of biological activity:
A: Identification of snake venom factor hemolytic activity
B: identification of snake venom factor anti-complementary activity
6. Storage: -200