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The superior Chinese herbal medicine liquor

The mixture tonic liquor 'Lau Ngee Choon' (The Twin Flag brand) is produced from the prescription of the unique Chinese herbal medicine (medicine by original) .

Chinese herbal medicines which have good flavor and benefit to human body.

The mixture tonic liquor 'Lau Ngee Choon', the combination of Chinese herbal medicine has potential ingredients:

1. Panax Ginseng (Araliacease)
Sources: northeast China and north Korea
Effects: tonic to nutrition the energy also to create the lungs and spleen

2. Reindeer (Cervus Nippon/Spotted Deer)
Sources: northeast and west China
Effects: tonic to kidney and promote energy

3. Tong Gue (Angelica Sinensis/Umbellifirae)
Sources: central China
Effects: tonic to blood circulation and allergy

4. Pai Kee (Astragalus Membranaceus/fisch)
Sources: northeast and Sechuan China
Effects: energy blood nutrition to create the strength

5. Kaw Kee (Lycium Chinese/Chinese Wolferry)
Sources: China, Japan
Effects: tonic to kidneys, livers, and eyes

6. Shae Ti (Rehmannia Glutinosa Libosch)
Sources: China, Korea, north and south Japan
Effects: tonic to kidneys and livers also blood circulation

7. Pae Jeake (Paeonia Lactiflora Pall)
Sources: China (north and west)
Effects: tonic to liver and nutrition to create the strength

8. Chuang Kweang (Ligusticum Wallichii/Umbelli Feras)
Sources: China (Sichuan, Yunnan)
Effects: promotes circulation, regulates energy

9. Ngo Jua Keng (Ngo Jua Keng)
Sources: China, India, and Thailand
Effects: for strengthen the muscle vein and blood circulation and allergy

The brand name product is well known and famous over 60 years, which has the mild flavor and fragrant taste for drinking for male and female, to create the strength energy, blood nutrition, anti-fatique and pain of the body, getting pin of hands and feet, insufficient strength, release the gastric gas, creating appetite, regenerating sufficient semen, regenerating body cells, delaying the oldness, creating child's mother sufficiency of feeding milk, normal discharging.

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Lau Ngee Choon
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Lau Ngee Choon
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