Sell Chinese Loving Silk Balls--Pledge of Love or Cooperation

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Loving Silk Balls are only made by Zhuang people--the biggest nation of China's 56 minorities. Loving Silk Balls are entirely needlework and hand work, They are embroidered with hands and of many different sizes and colors.
Loving Silk Balls are the most famous local speciality and folk handicrafts of Zhuang nation in China. In the folk, every young girl would embroider a Loving Silk Ball of her own and throw it to the boy that she is in love with. The Loving Silk Ball is a pledge of their loves to each other.
Nowadays, Loving Silk Balls have become the symbol and pledge of both love and cooperation.
People like to have Loving Silk Balls as souvenir and collectibles. They are usually presented as gifts to relatives and friends. Enterprises use them for enterprise image propaganda or product promotion. Loving Silk Ball are also a special kind of festival ornaments.
Sizes(Diameter) : 2cm,4cm,6cm,8cm,10cm,12cm,15cm,20cm,30cm
Color: Blue, Violet, Red, Yellow, Black, White, Pink, Multicolored.