Sell Chinese Market Research

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I am in China, I plan to set up a market research company which offers highly specialized market research services to international clients.
As the most rapidly developing country with largest population in the world, China has given birth to massive promising market in most industries. For foreign companies, China's markets are difficult to research and understand because of numbers of reasons. Entering China's market for the first time can be a very challenging and time-consuming experience. Though second hand information about China's market is available, it is often old, indirect, questionable or inaccurate, and the methods by which it is produced are rarely understood. Those companies may need help in market research directly, and as I know, few company provides such kind of professional service.
I am looking for a business partner who would like to explore this section, and any kind of proposal will be considered.
Thank you.

Sincerely yours
Xie Xiao