Sell Chinese Rice Wine (HE JIU)

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Chinese rice wine is one of the most ancient Chinese wine, and is own of Chinese nation. Made of rice, millet and corn. Our Chinese rice wine "HE JIU" looks transparent, tastes mellow and has rich nutrition, which is different from traditional Chinese rice wine.

"HE JIU" is made of top polished glutinous rice. It is processed in a scientific way with selected medlar, top honey, rich amino acid, vitamine and other calcium beneficial to human body.

Merged with Shanghai style, "HEJIU" shows its unique feature with high quality, good flavor and rich nutrition.

Old series:
----3 years age, 14.5%(v/v) , 500ml

New golden years series, crystal-clear, taste mellow, beautiful bottle:
----5 years age, 12%(v/v) , 500ml
----8 years age, 13.5%(v/v) , 500ml
----10 years age, 14%(v/v) ,375ml / 500ml

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