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Chinese Wolfberry Dried Fruit, otherwise known to Chinese herbalists as GoJizi , is a bright red, almost chewy berry with a taste very similar to Raisins. It has been used as a general nutrient tonic for many years and Chinese medicine refers to it as a "cooling tonic".
It was once said that "Wolfberry can make the young wolf out of the old man", because for many years wolfberry has been administered for erection problems. In one recent study, results showed that men over 59 who took 50g of Wolfberry each day walked away from a 10 day study having significantly higher levels of testosterone. In addition to its seemingly successful use of erection problems, Wolfberry is also widely used as a general health tonic, capable of removing harmful toxins from the body.
The fruit is one of the most popular tonics used in Chinese herbal medicine today and a decoction is typically used to clear the vision, strengthen the kidneys, and nourish the liver.
[Tribute Grade]:
Every 50 grams do not exceed 220-240pieces.
Guarantee not to include the artificial color.
[Origin]: ZhongNing City NingXia Province China
[Composition]: Beta-sitosterol, Betaine, Beta-carotene, Niacin, Pyridoxine, and Ascorbic acid.
[Pack and storage]: 500g/bag plastic bag in carton, and total 25kg(net weight) or package according to customers need. Store in dry place .
Supply Capacity
100 tonns per year
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Minimum Order Quantity