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Composition: Male silk moth , wilsonii , barrenwort , Semen Cuscutae (Made with wine) , prepared rehmannia root (Made with salt) , Psoralea corylifolia (Made with salt) .
Actions & indications: Tonify kidney and strengthen yang , replenish essence and tonify marrow. Applied in deficiency of the kidney and general debility , impotence and premature ejaculation , nocturnal emission spermatorrhoea , weakness of waist and knees , frequent micturition.
Directions & dosage: Sucked up by the mouth , 30-40ml each time, twice a day.
Contraindication: For details, please read Directions for use.
Storage: Sealed in a cool place.
Package: 5 ampoules 30ml/box (Packed in polyester bottle)
Period validity: Three years.