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Huolibao tablet is health food, its prescription originates from the nostrum of ancient Chinese palace, the main ingredients are hairy deerhorn, medlar, saline cistanche, male silkworm moth, barrenwort, ginseng, safflower and so on. They could increase the function of sexual, enhancing spirits and making body better, eliminating fatigue. This lozenge is from pure material of animal and vegetation, unhurtful health. Applicable those of kidney deficiency, prospermia, sexual frigidity, penile smallness, impotent erection, lassitude in loin and legs, lower immunity as well as easily tired population.

Use and dosage: at 30 minutes before sleep, put it directly into mouth
Pay attention: This tablet can not replace medicine
Specification: 0.8gX2 tablet/box
Packing: The PVC aluminum foil packing for medicine
Shelf life: 24 months
No. of approving document: E Hygiene Food Zhun Zi[2002] No.043
Execute standard code: Q/ZHKT002-2002
Manufacturer: Hubei hi-teth kangtian health food co. , Ltd