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The Chinese milk vetch is an important green manure and the use of feed crops, produces China originally, At present around the mountains between the South there are still wild species distribution. In the south of Jiangsu and Anhui and Taiwan, Henan, Shanxi Province's south rice area, planter is common. In the 1970s China cultivated area once amounted to more than 940 ten thousand hectares. Japan and Soviet Union and so on also have the cultivation.
The Chinese milk vetch seed may make the feed, the masses mostly use it to feed pigs, is the excellent feed. The cow, the sheep, the horse, the rabbit and so on likes edible, the chicken and the goose eat the food few. The Chinese milk vetch seed stems, leaves tender succulent leaves of rich, rich in nutrients, is the finest quality forage. The Xinyang Chinese milk vetch seed is transits under this unique natural climatic conditions in the northern subtropics, the long-term cultivation's family variety, was had more than 1000 years history. In the 1980s exported Japan, in the 90s exported South Korea.