Sell Chiness learning courses

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Dear sir/madam
We can offer study in China for abroad study couses. like learn Chiness , and all China university courses. there are a lot of Chiness university you can choose. We welcome agent from all over world to send students come to China. For more details please feel free to contact us.
If students like to learn Chiness, Chiness Wushu, Chiness Medicine and all courses also welcomed.

Non-degree courses to learn Chiness.
1. Short Term Programs: 4week, Regular courses (20hrs/week)
4-8 week, Intensive courses (20hrs/week
8-20week Intensive courses (20hrs/week)
2. Long Term Programs: Chinese Language Student: (one year)
General Scholar Student: (one year)

Degree courses: need to learn one year Chiness first if student dont know any Chiness.
1. Bachelor (4--5 years
2. Master(3years)
3. Ph. D. (3 years)