Sell Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE)

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Product name: Chlorinated Polyethylene, CPE
Chemical family: PVC impact modifier
Brand: BRIM CPE135A
BRIM CPE135A has excellent physical properties as PVC impact modifier, and is compatible with PVC easily. Under the correct processing conditions, it can form three-dimension net structure inside of rigid PVC products, and make the final products possess superior impact resistance at normal and low temperature.

Technical specifications:
Appearance: White powder
Chlorine content, %: 3511
Bulk density, g/cm3: 0.5 min.
Volatiles, %: 0.3 max.
Thermal decomposition temperature, 0: 165 min.
Heat of fusion, J/g: 2 max.
Shaos hardness: 56 max.
Residue on sieving (0.9mm) , %: 0.1 max.

BRIM CPE135A is mainly used in PVC window profiles, U-PVC drain pipes, Intake pipes, PVC foam plate, PVC extruding plate, PVC press plate and many other PVC products.

Packing: 25kg bag