Sell Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE)

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1. Product performance:
Chlorinated polyethylene(CPE) is a new-style synthetic material, which is made from polyethylene and chlorine gas when they take place replace-reaction in the condition of solicitation. It has good performances of combustion resistance, weather resistance, chemical medicine resistance, ozone resistance, combustion resistance, etc. CPE has wonderful consistence and high filling with all kinds of plastics and rubber. It is an excellent plastic additive and also is a special rubber with good general performance.
CPE produced by the company adopting water-phase method is a desiccate product with flowability. Its granularity is even, and its color is white, and its quality is reliable.
2. Note:
1. the performance figure refers to the criterion HG/T2704-95
2. H135 equates to 135A
3. The grade one of H135-B is a special cable material.
3. Product purpose:
1. The product of H130 with many advantages of high strength, high tenacity, moderate softness and hardness, cold-resistant, etc, is a kind of thermal elastic material, and apply to produce not-vulcanized rubbers such as refrigerator magnet, magnetized veneer, and all kinds of flexible goods, leather goods, electric cable jacket, etc.
2. H135 is a serial of plastic products. It has advantages of high strength, high filling, anti-aging, anti-impact, etc. , and widely serve as plastic doors and windows, shutter curtain, plastic pipe, pipes, plastic board, electrical wire and cable jacket, apparatus fittings, shell, counterfort board, and so on.
3. H135B is a serial of rubber products. It has advantages of high tenacity, high elasticity, high tensile ratio, oil resistant, combustion resistance, etc. , and widely apply to waterproof coil material, transportation strap with combustion resistance, oil resistant, glue tube with heat resistant, bike tyre, color strap, cable and wire jacket, etc.
4. H140 is a serial of plastic and rubber products, and widely apply to PVC film, plastic tenacity additive, fireproof addititve, oil pipe, rubber fittings, plastic fittings, and so on.
5. Interview is allowable if need any products of different specification and different type.
4. Package: 25kg polypropylene duplicate-flim valve bag.
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