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Name: Chlorine dioxide generator
Serial number: pro22008115125938
Model: ZL-c series
Price: negotiable
Manufacturer: LZEEP

Product outline
This product is based on patented technology to produce high-purity chlorine dioxide dosing system (patent number ZL2004 2 20029696.2) , the system then uses the sodium chlorite and the hydrochloric acid as a raw material, manufacturing high-purity chlorine dioxide solution, may also realize the stable high pure chlorine dioxide solution to dose precisely. Equipment operation and management simple, safe, reliable, flexible and convenient, small footprint.

Craft principle
S. CIO2+ activator=CIO2
This series of products apply to drinking water , food processing water to purification and disinfection. It is particularly suitable for small-scale water production, waterworks and own wells water, secondary water disinfection, in addition to taste, in addition to iron, manganese, and food processing, brewing, pharmaceutical, aquaculture, hospital sanitation and many other points, the use of scattered sites.

Combination of raw material 1. NACIO(HG 322502001) +CHI(GB 320 1993)
Combination of raw material 2. stability of chlorine solution(Food additiveHG36692000) +Food-grade activator

Working condition
Between the equipment should be equipped with the water source, the power source (220VAC) , ventilates good.
The indoor temperature not less than 100, raw material storage temperature not less than 00.
Device placed on a flat surface without the need for equipment foundation.

Linkage , automatic-type reference table
Equipment Type CIO2 Output
(g/h) Consumption
(kw) Diameter of disinfectant dosing Weight
(kg) Equipment size
LZ-C-30A 30 0.05 DN 15 75 600*450*1200
LZ- C -50A 50 0.05 DN 15 85 600*450*1200
LZ- C -100A 100 0.05 DN 15 95 600*450*1300
LZ- C -200A 200 0.07 DN 15 106 600*450*1300
LZ- C -300A 300 0.08 DN 15 117 600*450*1300
LZ- C -500A 500 0.10 DN 20 129 950*600*1400
LZ- C -1000A 1000 0.10 DN 20 148 950*600*1400
The concentration of chlorine dioxide use of reference(mg/L )
CIP system disinfection Environmental disinfection Implement for disinfection Aquaculture Drin Drinking water
Water reuse and treatment
30~50 100~200 100-150 0.03~0.05 0.2~0.5 0.5~0.1

Manual performance parameter table
Equipment type CIO2 Output
(g/h) Power water Diameter of disinfectant dosing Weight
(kg) Equipment size
Diameter Pressure
LZ- C -100M 100 DN 20 >=0.3 MPa DN 25 75 600*520*1300
LZ- C -200M 200 DN 25 >=0.3 MPa DN 32 95 800*550*1300
LZ- C -500M 500 DN 25 >=0.3 MPa DN 32 105 900*580*1400
LZ- C -1000M 1000 DN 32 >=0.3 MPa DN 40 136 950*600*1400

Model description
Linkage type
1. The machine is a electric type, with the operation and management simple , the use nimble and mobile , safe and reliable features , do not
need the power water. Feed system is equipped with well-known international brands metering pumps, constant back-pressure device, measurement accuracy.
2. With a lack of medicines automatic alarm stop function to prevent the less drug dosing and a single pharmaceutical dosing.
3. With manual / linkage conversion, when the linkage state, the control system and water system pump linkage, so that unattended run automatically. Suitable for amount of water constant , small amount of water production which is no needed to on-line adjustment of dosing, water works and own wells of water supply , small and medium scale water treatment facility.
4. When the intermittent run manually, it can obtain 20000mg / l of high-purity chlorine dioxide disinfectant directly from the export, disinfectant liquid can be piped to the point of dilution of the use of sterilization processes can also be distributed after the use of artificial filling, so especially suitable for food processing, hospitals, farming and many other points, the use of scattered sites.

Automatic type
1. The machine is fully automatic type, suitable for applications requiring automatic dosing of the water-line sites, no power of water.
2. Unique advanced PLC control system, so that equipment can be processed under the water, or effluent residual chlorine dioxide changes occur automatically adjust the amount of fixed ratio, fully automated online dosing, thereby maintaining a constant chlorine dioxide concentration in the water.
3. The components of the equipment are selected well-known international brand, the quality is first-class , operation is reliable , that to ensure equipments service life. Metering pumps feeding a constant backpressure control, and lack of medicines with automatic alarm shutdown feature.

Manual type
1. Manual type in this model as the manually type , no power-driven, convenient installation and maintenance, equipment with non-wearing parts, economical and pratical .
2. Generator is to use the role of water-jet suction device in the reactor within a certain level of vacuum suction on the vacuum level will be two kinds of liquid up to the reactor to enhance response.
3. Feeding system uses corrosion-resistant flow meter, measuring an intuitive and accurate.
4. Response system using special composite materials, strong corrosion resistance, long life.
5. Can be obtained directly from the device specified concentration of the export of high-purity chlorine dioxide disinfectant, through the disinfection process piped directly point.
6. This model is widely used in intermittent dosing disinfectant place.
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Supply Capacity
200 units per month
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28 days
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1 unit
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