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Chloroform is a colourless, transparent and easy volatile liquid, slight sweet, specific density 1.489, m. p. -63.20, b. p.61.30, not easy combustion, soluble in water slightly soluble ethanol, ethoxyethane, benzene and petroleum ether etc. Under the reaction of light, it can be oxidized by Oxygen in air to produce hydrogen chloride and hypertoxic carbonyl chloride.Usually <O. l% of ethanol is added into it in order to make the produced carbonyl chloride reacts with ethanol to form ethyl carbonate, so the toxicity is eliminaied.
Chloroform is mainly used to make difluorochloromethane(F22) , a fluoro-refrigerant, and also used as solvent for fat, resin, rubber, phosphorus and iodonation.In medicine, it is used a extraction, solvent and anaesthetic
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