Sell Chlorogenic acid

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Chlorogenic acid is a kind of active ingredients and natural antioxidants extracted from Eucommia leaves. Its effective components are chlorogenic acid and flavone.

Application: it is main materials of medication of antibacterial, diminishing inflammation and benefiting gallbladder with similar functions to epinephrine. It is tonic for liver and kidney, strengthen muscles and bones, and stabilize pregnancy.

Solubility: its solubility is 4% under 250 water, and it is higher under hot water. It is easily soluble in ethanol and acetone, and slightly soluble in ethyl acetate.
Quality index:

1Appearance: brown to yellowish white powder
2 Chlorogenic acid: 10%~98%
Package: 25kg/carton, or according to customers requirements
Storage: protect from light and heat. Store in cool and dry condition