Sell Chrome Diopside

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From the mineralogical point of view, Sibirlite (chrome diopside) is a variety of diopside colored both by Fe2o3 and chromium, an agent also turning a beryl into an emerald. By the presence of these agents, the chrome diopside from the Gems Trade of America partner-Inagli deposit is different from the diopside found elsewhere (South Africa, Finland, Pakistan, Canada etc. ) . Hence its lush green color. It is commonly known the "Russian diopside" is the best in the world. You can feel it from pictures of the gif-animation to the right.

Apart from the unique color of gemstones mined at the Inagli deposit, another strong point of Sibirlite is its high refractive index (RI = 1,664-1,730) , superior to that of emerald (1.565-1.602) . Hence its impressive brillance, especially if the gem has a brilliant cut that nowadays is getting more and more popular for colored gemstones.

Last but not least ( the point important for treatment-sensitive customers) . The gem is absolutely nonenhanced, this fact often raising disbeliefs from customers impressed with its deep verdant color.