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Chrome Oxide Green
Formula: Cr2O3
MoI wt: 151.99

Character: It is cubic crystal system or amorphous powder, olive green, which has metallic luster. its gravity is 5.21, melting point is 2,266125:C and boiling point is 4,000:C. It can not dissolve in water and acidic solution, but it can dissolve in the solution of alkali metallic bromate. It is very stable to light, atmosphere, high temperature and corrosive gas (SO2, H2S etc. ) It has high covering power and magnetism.

Usage: It is mainly used for smelting metal chromium, chromic carbide and catalyst of organic synthetic chromium. It is used as coloring agent for coloring painting on ceramics and enamelware and imitation leather or building material; It is also used for making sun-proof coating, abrasive, green polishing compound, refractory materials and special printing ink for printing bank note.

Packing: Packed in composite bag lined with plastic bag. Weight 25kg

Caution: Keep dry and keep it from acid fog and light. Do not keep it together with food.
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