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Now we are working as International marketing team for cigarettes. Our client has huge state of the art manufacturing facility in china. We are manufacturing cigarettes as per the orders of our client.

We can manufacture following types of Cigarettes:
 Unfiltered Cigarettes (no filter)
 Regular Filtered Cigarettes (Regular Size)
 Light Filtered Cigarettes (Are not as Strong)
 Ultra-Light Filtered Cigarettes (Very Weak)
 Regular Filtered 100s (Longer)
 Light Filtered 100s (Longer, Are not as Strong)
 Ultra-light Filtered 100s (Longer, Very Weak)
 Regular Slim 120s (Very Long, Skinny)
 Light Slim 120s (Very Long, Skinny, Are not as Strong)
 Ultra-Light Slim 120s (Very Long, Skinny, Very Weak)
 Menthols (Have a strong mint taste)
 Slims (Cigarette is Skinny)
 Wides (Cigarette is Fat)

We can produce cigarettes by using following Tobacco:

 Virginia Blended Cigarettes
o Full flavor
o Lights
o Milds
o Mentholated
 American blended Cigarettes
o Full flavor
o Lights
o Milds
o Mentholated

We can deliver exact type, quality of cigarette with exact packaging at affordable price. We also sell cigarettes in our brand so brand is not a problem for us. But that will be not known in your market. We are ready to make cigarettes under your specifications and price range.

Now please provide me in detail following items :
1. Quality and type of Tobacco
2. Quality of cigarette Paper
3. Quality of filter
4. Packaging quality
5. Sticks per pack
6. Destination Port
7. Transport Medium (By Sea / Air)
8. Brand Name
9. Price range

Please access our products and markets.

You prompt reply will be highly appreciated.
Brand Name
As per Order specification
Supply Capacity
500 40' FCL / Month
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Minimum Order Quantity
5 40' FCL
Patents or Trademarks
As per Order requirement
Terms of Payment
TT, Cheque, cash, L/C
Terms of Sale