Sell Cigarettes

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Marlboro Red or white(Brown, white Filter) Hard Flip Top (Export ONLY)

PMUSA Mfg. (Can not be resold in or reenter the USA)

960 mc's per 40' container
50 cartons/master case
10 packs/carton (20 cigarette sticks/pack)

Price $365/MC CIF (Minimum 10 Containers/Month for 12 Months 120 Containers/Yr)

Price for Spot Buy at Current Spot Buy Pricing.

All Prices CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) USD (PRICE SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

Payment for a Contact will be by Irrevocable, Transferable L/C (Letter of Credit) Major, Reputable World Bank ONLY. . . which will be Confirmed by the Bank. Once confirmed the Contract will be fulfilled.

Documents available for inspection

Sellers original commercial invoice
Certificate of origin
Certificate of Freshness
Inspection Report (PCS)
Commercial Bill of Lading

Contract BuyingShips from the U. S. to ASWP (Acceptable to PM USA)

In order for you to proceed on a deal we will require. . . from you. . . a ND/NC Agreement (which I have attached) for you to sign and fax/email back to me. You will have to provide a LOI (Letter of Intent) specifying the number of Containers of Cigarettes you wish to purchase with the Purchase Price $365/ MC CIF included. Next provide a BCL (Bank Comfort Letter) which will be vetted by Philip Morris to show your financial capability.

Please Note. . . . If you are not the one paying for this product. . . then the LOI/PO and BCL will have to be Signed by the Person, Company or Entity who will be PAYING.